Friday, 24 August 2007




A moment of great and profound revelation, in which one realises that it is far more satisfying to externalise one's idiotic, self-loathing hatred of the West into idiotic Muslim-baiting hatred of the East.

The instant in which an idiot recognises his or her huge, honking stupidity and is magically transformed into a very, very clever person indeed.

Often results in the penning of atrociously dull books explaining how one's new ideas have been callously mocked by bruschetta-munching Hampstead liberals, whose utter derision shows their craven, Gestapo-esque love for leather, leaving Decent Observer columnists to seethe at their own frustrated impotence.

"Having spent my life espousing stupid Left-wing ideas, nobody was more surprised than I when the horror of 9/11 caused me to begin espousing stupid Right-wing ideas. I guess you could say I had an epiphany."

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