Sunday, 21 December 2008

Libel Laws

Liberty, If It Means Anything, Is The Right To Call Anyone You Don't Like a Nazi In A Consequence-Free Environment

Despicable legal mechanism used to crush free speech, allowing persons one has described as a genocidal, jew-baiting, terrorist-loving, goosestepping fascist bastard to seek redress, apology and/or retraction.

Horrifying potential barrier to the promulgation of disingenuous smears and outright lies based upon out-of-context quotes and Decent Telepathy, tyrannical Libel Laws are the pro-fascist's boot on the neck of freedom.

"...And I say, what is Britain coming to when a man cannot concoct a fraudulent case against a number of named individuals, repeatedly describe them as racist cranks and hate-filled sympathisers with genocidal terrorists, publish their employment details on the internet then set hundreds of online maniacs swarming over them like flying, screeching, shitting monkeys, without receiving a tetchy letter from a lawyer... It's outright oppression, is what it is."


Anonymous said...

you've forgotten the second definition, as found in numerous posts on harry's place in which david t advocates the use of said evil laws by Nick Cohen to punish David Edgar for 'misrepresenting his views'...

StuartA said...

You will also want to bear in mind the "near absolutist on free speech", Oliver Kamm, who nevertheless approvingly quoted Ed Vulliamy as saying

But history - the history of genocide in particular - is thankfully built not upon public relations or melodrama but upon truth; if necessary, truth established by law.

in reference to the libel lawsuit that shut down LM Magazine. "Quite." says the world's most grammatically sophisticated and least pompous man. You're entirely missing one half of the Decentist definition!