Saturday, 15 March 2008




Oppressed, occupied Asian nation whose mere existence is evidence of the righteousness of Decency and the spectacular villainy of Anti-Imperialism.

Political football repeatedly blasted into an open goal by gaggles of Muscular Liberals stating that no useful idiot has ever, in the history of political discourse, raised any objection to the Chinese repression of the Tibetan people.*

The ultimate whatabout, effortlessly annihilating all ideological foes, Tibet is the cruise missile of political discussion, laying waste to all suspicious arguments leaving the Muscular Liberal standing alone at the very summit of the moral high-ground.

*Unlike Decents, who can rarely be prevailed upon to stop discussing the plight of the Tibetan people and engaging in political activism to ameliorate their condition.

"I don't expect the Israelis to sit on their hands while rockets are landing on their cities, but after forty years of massive retaliation I don't think missile strikes -"



"Tibet! Tibet! Tibet!"

"Excuse me? What has that-"

"Tibet! Tibet! Ha ha, no answer for that, eh, stopper? You all saw that - he doesn't care about the suffering of the Tibetan people, but he's obsessed with Israel! Suspicious, the way he singles out the Jews, eh? Why don't you take your racist hatred somewhere else, you disgusting bigot?"

"But I-"

"Shut up, fascist - your agenda has been exposed."

See also WWGD?, Catalogue of Contempt, Will-You-Condemn-A-Thon.


Anonymous said...

Could we have a definition of Power (as in Samantha Power) please? I was thinking of something like 'brilliant, seasoned, grown-up foreign policy advisor, tipped for imminent promotion in Obama's campaign team.'

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting the bone-headed democratic internationalism. You know it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

We had a good example of this recently at Hitchens Watch. One of the house Decents equated a particular "crowd" who supposedly hold some extreme position on Tibet with the Khmer Rouge and Nazis.

Nullifidian said...

For anyone who does the "Tibet!" thing, there's a counter-whattabout called "Xinjiang!"

Xinjiang, along with Gansu, have been settled for decades by the Uyghur people, who have been the focus of a great deal of repression from the Chinese government.

There's only one hitch in their struggle being as well-known as that in Tibet: they're Muslims.

Philip said...

Chechnya, you bloody objective pro-anti-imperialist. Chech-nyaaah.

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