Wednesday, 20 August 2008

"It's Our Generation's Spanish Civil War"
Guest post by Jerry Gorgon, Canadian Decent Front

You know, furious anti-war leftists often stop me in the street and say Jerry, don't you think we should just leave Afghanistan and cheer the Taliban on as they embark on a genocidal rampage of blood-curdling horror?

I just laugh and say Of course not, for the Afghan campaign is this generation's Spanish Civil War, and I shall follow in the footsteps of great leftists like George Orwell by sitting in my study denouncing everyone who says otherwise.

It's usually at this point that they say something like Wait a minute, Orwell didn't do that. He joined a Republican militia, fought in engagements and got shot in the throat, and Why are you rattling on about the Spanish War as if you were some kind of eight-foot tall killing machine, rather than a slightly tweedy dork with a website?

I see that as the very epitome of leftist unseriousness, and I always make a point of saying Why? Because SHUT UP, that's why.

Despite this unreasoning and maniacal aggression, it remains vital that we complete our mission and defeat the Taliban. The fate of the Afghan people is in our hands, and we must stand by them in their hour of need. Failure is not an option.

Afghanistan is every bit as much like the Spanish Civil War as the invasion of Iraq was like World War II; so was the Israel/Lebanon war. It's as similar to the war in Spain as Russia vs. Georgia is to the appeasement of Hitler in 1938, i.e. practically identical.

Of course, one can always count on the defeatists and idiots of the anti-war left to come up with stupid objections. There are no end of fools pointing to the generals and military advisors who say they can't win without more troops, more materiel and more money... As if troops, tanks, helicopters, planes, guns, bombs and money were the most important thing in a war!

We shouldn't be distracted by such waffle. The most important thing is that we win - everything else is a secondary consideration, and no amount of complaining about how there aren't enough soldiers to beat the fascist Taliban changes that.

That's why I draw this astute comparison to the Spanish Civil War. Victory in Afghanistan is vital for the future of democracy in the region, and just as in Spain, it is imperative that other people do their part for the Afghan people.

Thank you.


Ken said...

You should have read his spurt over at the Drunken Hand Shandyists. My favourite bit was a roughly 150 word sentence that basically said:

1. Afghan guerrillas are not Afghanis, they are anti-Afghan.

2. We bought off them towelheads and if it wasn't for the guerrillas they would stay bought.

Could anyone make this shit up?

johng said...

please provide sources for these unserious allegations or withdraw them. we at decency central are not impressed with your undergraduate arguments and if you persist with them I'm afraid your likley to face serious consequences. We are serious people.

Anonymous said...

Does this make us Franco?

Anonymous said...

Relieved to see that you have not fallen for all this hysteria about the collapse of the global financial system. What a load of nonsense eh? I was reading that decent chap David Aronovich just the other week on how things will soon be back to normal. One minute everyones acting as if America is going to attack Iraq and a few years later they're all going on about a non-existent crisis of capitalism. Will they ever learn?