Monday, 7 January 2008

The Phantom Stopper

Terrifying Supernatural Phenomenon

Tha Fan-Tum Staw-Purr

The disembodied spirit of a deceased fascist, the Phantom Stopper roams the streets of Britain, disorienting Decents with its plaintive, deceptive cries. The Phantom lurks nearby whenever political issues are discussed, howling its ghoulish messages into the night.

Its ghostly exhortations can be heard on dark and stormy evenings, when a fell voice seems to carry upon the wind, insinuating itself into the minds of sensitive Decents with cries of "Ooooo.... Death to the imperialist Amerikkkans.... Ooooo...."

Sudden visitations by the Phantom can cause great confusion to the psychically attuned, as the articulation of simple political concepts seems to distort into bloodcurdling shrieks for genocide and war.

"Well, as I was saying, I think that the more right-wing American politics become, the more counter-productive its foreign policies are."

"That's a good point - the era of Republican dominance has - wait, what's that noise?"

"I can't hear anything."

"I distinctly heard you say 'Oooo, the Zionist entity must be destroyed, Oooo'."

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Anonymous said...

ha ha, lovely.

Philip said...

Psychically attunded?

Malky Muscular said...

Good point - I've always regarded spellcheckers as cheating.

Perhaps I should reconsider.