Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Rock-Solid Sourcing/Despicable Lies


1. 100% accurate information about teleporting terrorists gleaned from the armed forces of one's government after after they have bombed a military target in a surgical strike.

"Credible reports indicate that several thousand heavily-armed terrorists were identified at the scene moments before the attack, but evaporated like fascistic steam a split-second before the cruise missiles tragically blew the Red Cross hospital to smithereens."

2. Thought-provoking
information that should not be dismissed out of hand, as gleaned from Some Guy With a Website. Esp. any information suggesting that the armed forces of one's government may not have bombed the military target after all, and that the real culprits were mysterious, teleporting terrorists.

"Interesting reports indicate that the "Red Cross" "doctors" and "nurses" "killed" at the scene may in fact have been heavily-armed terrorists... As Zombietime reports, when you rewind the film of the attack, you can see that the "civilians" spontaneously jump up off the floor, walls and ceiling and magically stick their limbs and heads back onto their suddenly-unharmed torsos, before walking away... Backwards."

3. Despicable totalitarian propaganda about unverified, alleged bombing, as credulously reported by the Academic/Media Complex to demonise democrats.

"Hysterical reports indicate that 20 "Red Cross" "doctors" and "nurses" were "killed" at the scene, but regular readers will have seen last week's Zombietime reports which proved that - (Cough, Cough, Mumble) ... selflessly and deliberately sacrifice their own soldiers to minimise civilian casualties."

Disgusting rhetorical inflation of alleged bombing, if not outright collaboration with fascists, as commonly practiced by Humanitarian NGO's to demonise democrats.

"Incredible reports indicate that the Red Cross deliberately bombed its own doctors and nurses because it is - (Cough, Mumble, Cough) ...rough bumsex with the Mullahs and hot, steamy, no-holes-barred action with Hezbollah and Hamas."

Remarkably subjective data disproving once and for all the possibility of death itself.

See also - On The Deaths In Jabalya; Massaging The News; Every Loon On The Internet For The Next Three Weeks

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