Monday, 1 October 2007

In Context

Rhetorical Ploy

Inn Kon-Teckst

Circumstances forming the setting for an event, statement, or massive bombing campaign launched by Democrats.

Argumentative technique and moral blank cheque by which one justifies surgical strikes on military targets that lead to unfortunate instances of Al-Qaedafication and Terrorism-By-Proxy.

"I don't really see how the bombardment of Lebanon can be justified as an anti-terror operation - how can it be called "counter-terrorism" if a nation kills twenty times more civilians than their terrorist foes?"

"Well, the cluster-bombing of Beirut has to be seen in context - after all, Terrorists Are Bad and civilised nations have the right to legitimate self-defence."

Disambiguation: Should not be confused with understanding, by which the Far Left excuses, minimises and supports acts of terrorist violence.

Nor should it be confused with Mbunderstand, an argumentative device utilised by Madeleine Bunting to condone the tipping of buckets of shit over the heads of innocent bystanders.

External source: Norm Geras on Mbunderstanding.

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Anonymous said...

Ann On says - thank god you have got an external reference. Satire just isn't funny without these footnotes.