Saturday, 18 August 2007

Johann Hari

Journalist, Judas

Litigious Independent journalist, cast out of the Party in 2007 for his despicable backstabbing of comrades.

A prick, the traitor Hari spent most of this decade professing loyalty while slyly working to undermine Decency with his shoddy journalism, fantastical fabrications and pretentious, attention-seeking exhibitionism in the pages of the mainstream press.

Comrades are warned that association with the Trotsky-fascist traitor will be viewed as collaboration, and shall be harshly punished.

"I've never liked that prancing great tit Johann Hari - he thinks he's so fucking clever, doesn't he?"

"Not only is Johann Hari a lying weasel now, he has always been a lying weasel. I've always despised the grandstanding, condescending, self-important little cock."

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