Sunday, 26 August 2007

Uday And Qusay

Rhetorical Ploy

Oo-Day And Koo-Say

Despicable sons of Saddam and useful device for the deflection of questions about the Eapons-Way of Ass-May Estruction-Day.

See also Whatabout?


ejh said...

Got another Rhetorical Ploy for you, "Malky".

It's "So What Would You Do About?" and the idea is that whenever there's a dictator to be attacked, the Decents ask: "what would you do about him?"

Note that acceptable answers do not include:

1. "not bombing the citizens of his country" or

2. "how come you're asking me this now rather than ten years ago when the CIA were training his agents and the government selling him guns?"

because the only acceptable answer is actually "tally ho".

Anonymous said...

and there's also "so if you had your way Saddam would still be in power?", a question strangely never put to all those Euston signatories who claim they didn't support the war.

Unknown said...

How about "Anti-Americanism"?


Rhetorical ploy used against those fascists who suggest that not everything the US does should be supported.

See also "Anti-Semitism" (as above but used against criticism of Israel).