Friday, 24 August 2007

Harry's Hoops

Rhetorical Ploy

Hah-Rayz Hoop-Z

Preliminary stage of the Decent Debating Technique.

Complex and often invisible linguistic assault-course one must traverse before one's opinions are accepted by Decents as untainted by overt pro-fascism.

"Okay, I think that killing civilians is bad - I accept Israel's right to defend itself, and I believe that Islamism is a nasty and reactionary doctrine. Now, can we talk honestly about the bombing of Lebanon?"

"Not so fast, pal - you may have jumped through Harry's Hoops pretty smartly, but we've yet to see the results of the Will-You-Condemn-A-Thon."

Named after Decent internet blog Harry's Place, which was named after founder Harry Hatchet, who was in turn named after the famous Sham 69 song Hurry Up And Bomb Iraq, Harry.

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