Sunday, 7 October 2007




1. Extremely nationalistic, often right wing, authoritarian ideology or system of government, commonly characterised by:

- Strict adherence to the whims and diktats of a central authority figure, who is held to embody the virtue and power of the nation;

- Belief in one's own nation and system of government as the pinnacle of human endeavour, and the desire to impose it upon others;

- Officially endorsed scaremongering and dehumanisation of selected minority ethnic groups, who are held to be a threat to the very existence of the nation - declarations of hatred and contempt for foreigners, who are commonly regarded as weak, effeminate and in need of strong leadership.

- Domestically - extreme militarism and glorification of the armed forces and the use of violence. Extra-territorially - aggressive actions against those declared to threaten the interests of the state;

- Demands for slavish obedience to illogical and repugnant political ideologies, as espoused by central authority figures;

- Murder, torture, extra-judicial imprisonment and detention camps, enacted by a central authority that is unbound and unchecked by laws, processes or opposing political forces;

- Attempts to delete inconvenient facts from the historical record;

- The dissemination of officially endorsed propaganda glorifying the strength of central authority figures who are vital to the defense of the nation, while denigrating and dehumanising all opposition.

2. Any person or action offending the sensibilities of Muscular Liberals.

Disambiguation - Not to be confused with objectively Pro-Fascist, which is used to describe any person or action not furthering the use of violence against Fascists.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that your next topic will be "Weasel words" focusing on people who date not say the words "Islamo-fascism"

Anonymous said...

'Objectively' on its own could be the subject of an essay.

ejh said...

But could such an essay be written objectively?

Anonymous said...

Malky seems to have forgotten the footnotes again. So here is a link to something about fascism that George Orwell prepared earlier (also featuring Trotsky and trotsky-fascism).

Malky Muscular said...

As it happens, Anon, I've read that before - not enough bashing of traitorous liberals, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

So can I look forward to a new eye-catching initiative such as "Muscular Liberalism Against the Liberals"?

Elle D said...

Goood reading this post