Friday, 24 August 2007


Rhetorical Ploy


Largely imaginary concept invented by Muslim bastards, holding that Britain has been swamped by a tidal wave of anti-Islamic hatred and hostility.

Despicable rhetorical ploy used by grievance mongers to distract attention from far more important issues, such as the tidal wave of anti-semitic hatred and hostility that has swamped Britain.

External sources - "Why Do These Muslim Bastards Keep Calling Me 'Islamophobic'?"


StuartA said...

On a note connected with this entry, I can't see any mention of the "Killing Muslims" gambit.

Most Muslims are — aha! — killed by other Muslims, while good-hearted Westerners are just trying to keep the peace between these savages. This proves that the West is good (because it isn't as bad as al Qaida et al.), that we all care very much about Muslims and want what's best for them (which may be bombs), but that we have our efforts stymied by brutal terrorists who must be destroyed. Thus those who care about so-called Islamophobia should be supporting the bombs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What about Kosova? Forgot that one didn't you, Huh? Huh? Islamonazi!!!!!!!!!!!