Thursday, 24 January 2008

Updated - Racism



1. Anti-Semitism.

2. Bullshit accusations employed by Ken Livingstone and his cackling horde of gremlins and familiars, used to assail and smear wide-eyed, honest Decents while shitting smouldering brimstone all over the streets of London.

Dishonest, cowardly tactic used in bad faith to deflect deserved criticism by mendacious, deceitful persons.

"Frankly, I think that the financial irregularities Livingstone has presided over look a bit dodgy, and he has questions to answer."

"Why are you singling out Ken, eh? Whatabout all those other cases of corruption in the Labour Party... Cash For Honours, Lord Levy, Wendy Alexander - Will-You-Condemn them too? I find this obsession with Ken a bit suspicious."

"Who, me? But surely it's reasonable to ask -"

"Looks like a case of naked racism to me - why should Ken be held to a higher standard? You seem to be hinting at some Well-Funded Kennite plot to dominate the Earth through a network of Socialist space satellite lasers."


"Frankly, your obvious anti-Ken agenda is just grievance mongering driven by hatred, and is indicative of the rampant racism that is so prevalent in the Decent Left these days. I'm disgusted."


Anonymous said...

still one of the funniest things on t'interweb

Anonymous said...

I detect backsliding towards fascism. Very unfortunately this looks like a satire of democrats seriously concerned about the fascist Ken Livingstone rather then a serious handbook on comical stoppers and how to fight them. Its important to stay on message and in charecter.