Monday, 10 September 2007



Teh-Roh-Rizz-Um By Prock-Say

Unfortunate mishap and moral blank cheque occurring when cowardly Fascists refuse to fight like real men, choosing instead to take cover behind crudely-drawn prams.

Civilian casualties sustained when heroic Democrats launch a surgical strike against a military target using a missile that cost more to design, build and deliver than the GDP of Ireland, fired from a plane flying practically in outer space.

Tragic deaths, for which Fascists bear moral responsibility.

Often results in instances of Al-Qaedification.

"Jesus, did you hear that the bombing of Lebanon killed over a thousand people?"

"Yeah, a horrible case of Terrorism-By-Proxy. But what can we do when the enemy insists upon hiding behind crudely-drawn prams?"

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Garth said...

It's rumoured that the crudely drawn pram being protected by the crude Israeli contains crude american oil.