Tuesday, 4 September 2007




1. Absolutely unacceptable and prohibited practice of totalitarian regimes, by whom Democrats are subjected to appalling physical and psychological abuse, as noted by vigilant Humanitarian NGOs.

2. A Departure from Universal Principles, as rhetorically inflated by exaggerating Humanitarian NGOs - principles gifted to humanity by the Americans, who deserve to be cut a little slack because Terrorists Are Bad.

3. Laughable complaint of wussy terrorists who are too effeminate to take a little bit of kneeling down, loud music, bumming with sticks and light suffocation with water and towels, as noted by mendacious Humanitarian NGOs.

The means that are justified by the ends.

See also, Euston Manifesto.


ejh said...

4. Trying to keep one's temper while reading Harry's Place.

Philip said...

Tort-chaah, shurley?

Philip said...

Or, for the legally minded, Tort Chewer.

Malky Muscular said...

Since it's all in Edinburgh Scots, I'd say Torr-Churr, but I have to give consideration to Stoppers in the South.