Sunday, 10 February 2008

Muscular Taxonomy

Know Your Decency

A Regular Series

#2 The Adumbrator

An intellect of near-galactic proportions, The Adumbrator is charged with the intellectual heavy lifting of Decentism, focusing the vast power of his remarkable mind upon the threat of modern Horrorism.

Through the use of Thought Experiments, The Adumbrator explores the motivations and manifestations of Atrocitivistic Nihilism, in the context of the impending British Jihadalanche. With only the occasional aside to inform the public of the countless dusky maidens he has selflessly penetrated, he ponders the great unaskable questions of the modern age, such as Have Women Become Too Uppity To Outbreed The Heathen? and There, That's Ten Thousand Words, Will That Do?

"There is a definite urge - don't you have it? - to say 'The Muslim community will have to suffer until it gets its house in order.' What sort of suffering? Chinese burns and wedgies... The infliction of dead arms, further down the road... The flushing of heads down the sixth-form's toilets, until it hurts the whole community and they start bogwashing their children... And if that doesn't work, perhaps a program of sterilisation." - From The Great, Big, Bumper Book Of Adumbration, Vol. II

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