Monday, 11 February 2008

Some Guy With a Website

Fountain of Knowledge/Vanguard of Fascism

Sum Gye With Ah Wehb-Syte

1. An invaluable source of information, Some Guy With a Website provides insight and expertise into the technical specifications of military hardware, the velocities and trajectories of countless projectile weapons, the history of printing and fonts on typewriters and computers, sunlight and shadow in digital and film photography, editing technology, political history and gossip, amongst many other subjects, all of which is put to good use proving that the armed forces of Civilised nations have never, at any point, killed or injured anyone.

2. As above, but put to good use proving that the Academic/Media Complex and Humanitarian NGOs act in malign confederacy against Democrats to blacken their names with a daily litany of false accusations about the legitimate security operations of western nations.

3. An arch-propagandist with a suspicious, obsessive urge to post daily stories portraying an ethnic or religious minority as a dire threat to the life of the nation. Some Guy With a Website viciously and repeatedly insists that said minority bears responsibility for most of the world's problems, before inviting his readers to indulge in a prolonged hate session. The mere existence of such a Guy With a Website is evidence of the neverending corruption and perfidy of The Left.

"Hey, did you hear that Some Guy With a Website has run those Reuters photos through his algorithmic transmogriphicationaliser, and it turns out it was all the Palestinians' fault?"

"Wow, I always thought that looked suspicious. Hey, look - Some Guy With a Website says that the Americans are trying to flog the Iraqis' natural resources to their business associates at super-bonanza knock-down prices!"

"What nonsense - this is evidence of the lunacy, irrelevance and derangement of the Left."

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Anonymous said...

Think you're being a bit soft here, comrade. You don't point out that 'some guy with a website' def 1 and 2 is a James Bond of the internet, a slick hipcat hero, feared by men admired by women. SGWAWS def 3 is a saddo who lives in his mum's basement with his dungeons and dragons boardgames. At least according to one of John McCain's bloggers.

Anyway, what about some guy POSTING ON a website?
I read in the Spectator (the muscular liberal's muscular conservative magazine) that some Russian guy posted a message on a website saying that Stalin was a great guy.

This is very obviously a sign that Putin is Stalin, the Russian Federation is the USSR and we need to keep an eye on wicked old Ivan.