Saturday, 10 November 2007


Sporting Pursuit

Acronym for What Will Galloway Do? Amusing internet pastime, prompted by any mildly political or military occurance.

Properly executed, the WWGD gambit can result in days of entertainment and ribaldry as hundreds of humourists speculate wildly over the perfidy of the football-faced, shouty political Munchkin.

"I see that the people of Burma are protesting against their tyrannical rulers. Analysts fear that the regime will react violently... this situation has the potential for appalling loss of life, but also extends the hope that the people of that nation will overthrow their corrupt rulers... All of which leaves us with only one vital, burning question... WWGD?"

"Galloway will definitely issue a statement in support of the regime, decrying the imperialist United Nations Committee on Human rights..."

"Ho ho, he'll set up a charity - I can see it now, DictatorAid! Please give generously..."

"I reckon GG will be on the first plane out to fellate these dictators and tickle their balls."


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! ! My face hurts from laughing!!!!"

":)!!!!" (Cont. ad infinitum)

Chucklesome version of "Yo Mamma So Fat" for middle-class university graduates.


Anonymous said...

Surely the eight millionth humourous reference to saluting indefatigability would be in there somewhere. Plus a hilarious comment from Modernityblog suggesting that the Burmese dictators are invited to address the next Respect/SWTC/SWP meeting.

Anonymous said...

Ann On said...

The first rule of WWGD is that the actions predicited should in no way relate to What Galloway Actually Does, and Galloway's subsequent failure to do the "What Would's" should have no impact on the players. A form of parralel Galloway. A virtual George. An indefatigable MP of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago there would have been some reference to beautiful women and Greek islands (though this was a bit of a self-serving myth).

Malky Muscular said...

Sadly, you have all failed to mention "impersonating a cat", "wearing a leotard", "filling his pockets with the blood of the innocent" or "69ing Tariq Aziz".

You'll have to practice your WWGD? skillz if y'all wanna get Respect in tha Decent 'hood.