Friday, 29 January 2010


The Wages of Wussiness

1. Superhuman status acquired by terrorists if and when citizens refuse to endorse insane government policy (x).

"We must remember that we are at war and that, if we fail in our responsibility to dispense with the judicial system/look up your arse with this enormous camera/bomb Hong Kong to smithereens, our enemies will be emboldened".

2. Supervillain status that would have been acquired by Saddam Hussein if Parliament had refused to endorse the liberation of Iraq.

"Having put in place the necessary military forces to remove Saddam Hussein, he would have been emboldened if we had then refused to remove him".

"With respect Mr. Blair, I do not recall a frenzied public clamour for the deployment of 200,000 British and American soldiers to Iraq's borders. For you to then blackmail the country into precipitate military action because of a situation that you have yourself consciously created seems rather -"

"Yes, indeed. He would've been entirely emboldened, as would have been his sons."

3. Following the whipping out of the Prime Ministerial penis in Parliament, the argument that those opposed to immediate and copious public urination across the front and back benches would, intentionally or otherwise, like to hold hands with fascists and kiss them on the lips and everything.

4. Terroristic state of depravity somewhat worse than underlined and significantly worse than italicised.

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