Monday, 7 April 2008

Administrative Notes 6

Improve Your Argumentative Abilities With This Free Special Edition EoD "Condemnittm" Office Assistant

As a special, one-time-only offer, Encyclopedia readers can now claim this free office assistant for their home computers.

If you struggle to maintain the blazing hostility needed to dish out daily denunciations, Condemnittm will tone up your weak and equivocal tone into furious, fiery and bellicose blasts of bitchy rhetorical bombast.

Condemnittm contains a state-of-the-art Grudge-O-Matictm database, including a comprehensive list of all historical atrocities, animosities, injustices and bellicosities; back-stabbings, land-grabbings, annexations, conflagrations and devastations; all partitions and seditions; bombings, lootings, beatings, shootings, meetings, murders and disputings; Theocracies, hypocrisies and apostasies; Haters, fools, dictators, tools, traitors, race-baiters and reds...

In fact, if it's pissed off somebody, somewhere, Condemnittm has it, ready and waiting to be crow-barred into the discussion or needlessly thrown in the faces of total strangers!

Don't delay - get your Condemnittm Office Assistant today.

"I wouldn't be where I am today without my Condemnittm Office Assistant - truly, a vital tool in dealing with the lugubrious moral idiocies of the modern apologist." - C. Hitchens, writer.


Anonymous said...

1988 Cup Final - Oi, Malky are you some kind of Scouse sympathiser?


flyingrodent said...

Nah, but Alan Hansen still thinks it's one of history's greatest injustices.

You should hear him go when they give him the chance.

ejh said...

If he wants an injustice in that game he can try the penalty decision.