Thursday, 4 December 2008

Two O'Clock Bin-Rake

Labour-Saving Device


Of a sexist gentleman at Chucking-Out Time, one last stagger through the detritus of a rapidly-emptying nightclub in search of a friendly female of dubious virtue, for immoral purposes.

Much-beloved tactic of the thirsty gentleman who wishes to economise on charm, to leave more time for drinking.

2) Of a lazy Decent journalist with an imminent Deadline, one last stagger to one's computer to type the words Terrorism and Root Causes into Google News, in search of Some Guy With a Website one can use as an excuse to knock-off a half-assed article about relativism, for financial purposes.

Much-beloved tactic of the Decent gentleman who wishes to economise on effort, to leave more time for drinking.

From the Annals of Decency - " 'Anti-Americanism' is a transparent slur that libels and subverts the best of American freedom. It is a propaganda insult that is as contaminated as 'terrorist'. Right-wingers... use it shamelessly to suggest that those who are not happy with their abysmal status-quo are the moral equivalents of blood-drenched murderers." Nasty Nick Cohen, 14/1/02


Anonymous said...

On the subject of "effort" I notice that it is over a month since your last post.At Harrys Place the guys never shirk their responsibilities to expose the Jihado-Fasco-Horribalist danger that lurks beneath the bed of Leftist-Relativism.You could take a leaf out of their book.

Malky Muscular said...

I could indeed, especially that Brett one.

What a towering intellect that man truly is.