Sunday, 20 January 2008


Clinical Unseriousness


Debilitating mental condition afflicting brie-scoffing liberal relativists and ivory-tower dwelling elitists, as diagnosed by Alan Johnson, causing them to rend their garments in apopleptic rage.

The sole reason for the refusal of the Britsh public to embrace Muscular Liberalism in its entirety, symptoms of Neoconitis include disruption to sensory perception, susceptability to conspiracy theories and strong allergic reactions to bullshit.

Typically, sufferers will fail to recognise signs of social democracy in those who agitate for the replacement of established international law with a loose set of poorly defined statements amounting to "The Republicans do whatever they like, no matter how deranged or self-serving."

Examples of mass outbreaks of Neoconitis include voters in the American Democratic Party primaries in 2006, who went berserk, convincing themselves that lifelong socialist and humanitarian Senator Joe Lieberman was some kind of Republican hack.

In reality, Lieberman's record of near-total support for Republican chicanery over war, massive redistributions of wealth to the economic elite and bankruptcy bills that shaft the public for the benefit of credit card companies was a sign of his deep, committed Leftism.

See also Neoconitis by Alan Johnson.


Anonymous said...

AJ and his mates certainly know a thing or two about using words as insults so as to avoid a sensible discussion.

Anonymous said...

Surely neoconitis just means that one's neocon is inflamed? Perhaps he confuses this with neoconosis.

Anonymous said...

a couple of reuqests - 'serious' in the Nick Cohen usage which means 'anyone who agrees with me'. And 'Ken Livingstone' must be worth an antry now...

Anonymous said...

"Serious". The use of this word has been discussed by Glenn Greenwald in the USA. In the USA context it seems to refer to journalists who are part of an in-group inside the Beltway who thimlk that they really know what is going, though in fact they simply serve as an echo-chamber of the post-hoc justifications of mainstream politicians.

I think I have seen Martin Kettle using this word as well. If Nick and Martin are using it, it might mean that they are importing the usage from Washington.

Malky Muscular said...

"serious" will have to wait until I find myself in a particularly bitter and sarcastic mood.

I've said pretty much all I want to say about Ken above. As a denizen of the frozen north, I find all that London-centric happy horseshit rather tiresome

That said, it's always worth spearing the hypocrisy of any Decent who complains that their criticisms are met with mendacious accusations of racism.

Frankly, I'm amazed any HP contributor would have the sheer balls of steel required - perhaps a post on "self-awareness" is required.