Thursday, 30 August 2007

Ghost Dance of Geras

Mystical Voodoo Power

Spiritual invocation of the power of positive thought, the Ghost Dance of Geras became a common religious ritual on Decent websites from early 2005 onwards.

The practice involves chanting and incantation, as a gaggle of Eustonauts exhort each other to ever-more ecstatic declarations of loyalty to the doctrine of liberal interventionism, in the irrational belief that the power of faith will eradicate terrorism from the Middle East.

Named after the custom of 1890's Native American tribes, who would exhort each other to ever-more ecstatic declarations of loyalty to the spirits of their ancestors, who they hoped would return to eradicate the white man from North America.

"I confess that I did not forsee that the invasion would be met with such brutal terrorism by nihilists, hey-ya hawa hey-ya haw, but I still believe it was the right thing to do, hey-ya hawa hey-ya-ya..."

"I agree, Brownie-ya-ya hey-ya hawa, nobody could have forseen such nihilistic barbarity, hey-ya hawa hey-ya-ya, but that does not invalidate the goal of overthrowing a fascist dictator."

To date, both spiritual movements have had comparable rates of success.

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Anonymous said...

spot on as ever. I am looking forward to yor entry on "Moral compass" (as in "lost your moral compass"). I wasn't in the girl guides long enough to get one, but I understand their cardinal points are "north" , "south", "west" and "we had to bomb the country to save it".
Ann On

ejh said...

A pedant writes: in order for the rates of success to be "comparable" then it would have to apply to both of them.

Malky Muscular said...

That's enough pedantry from you, Stopper - haven't you got a Hezbollah rally to go to or something?

ejh said...

Not round here.

Might you we had real fascists here. Oh, next time (a pedant continues) that a Decent talks about how Orwell fought the fascists in Catalonia, suggest they actually read the fucking book. He fought them in Aragón.

Malky Muscular said...

Well, I read all of it, and I thought that Orwell was a fascist coddling lover of totalitarians.

That was before he started bashing socialists, of course - that's when he became a genius.

He must've had an epiphany...