Saturday, 25 August 2007

George Galloway

Person, Spearhead of Modern Fascism

Jorj Gallow-Way

1. Pathetic figure of national derision, whose comical stylings and clowning pratfalls have made him a laughing stock.

Ludicrous Parliamentarian, whose every pronouncement is greeted with gales of uproarious mockery, as Decents shriek "Nurse, my sides!" and other such witticisms.

2. Sinister uber-Nazi, whose Pro-fascist advocacy is a terrible threat to the very fabric of Western Civilisation.

Saddam-loving leader of the Red-Brown Brotherhood, Galloway works to subvert the democratic process in the interests of fascists, for whose eventual victory he devotes his every breath. Advocate of the cause of Arab supremacy, into which he pours his malice, his cruelty and his will to dominate all life.

Subject of the Fifteen Years' Hate, an ongoing ritual whereby Decents are given free licence to curse, spit, shriek, scream, rend their garments and tear their hair in visceral rage at his image.

See also, Agenda, Appeasement, Gloating, Grievance Mongering, Hitler, Islamophobia, Lessons of History, Moral Equivalence, Obsession, Singled Out, Suspicious, Understand, Unserious, Useful Idiot.

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