Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The Battle Of Ideas

War of the Words

Mortal conflict between Decency and Fascism, in which keyboard-combatants violently denounce each other online while calling for more bombing.

Weapons used in this existential conflict include fierce salvoes of pithy wordplay, one-eyed news reporting and the tactical deployment of photographs of ones' political opponents shaking hands with international pariahs.

The Principles of Decency

Movement committed to confronting fascism by supporting the use of hi-tech American whizz-bang to blast democracy into the heart of the totalitarian Middle East.

Based upon fundamental respect for human rights and freedom and a harsh disdain for moral equivalence, Decency advocates the liberation of oppressed peoples through surgical strikes, thus creating stable democracies.

Principles of Decency are laid out in greater detail in the Euston Manifesto.

The Motivations of Fascism

Totalitarian ideology, best summarised as "Everybody dies, including us."

Informed commenters have noted that the Battle of Ideas has two possible outcomes - the Al-Qaedification of the Middle East or the Dhimmification of the planet.


"I think we need to do more to win the Battle of Ideas."

"Oh, do you think? You must've been watching the Iraqi Political Football... what a disaster. I mean, who drafted our fucking ideas anyway? Benny Hill?"

See also, the Academic/Media Complex.

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