Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Euston Manifesto

A Proclamation of Decency

Yoo-Stun Mah-Nih-Fess-Toh

Declarative document announcing a clean break with the prejudices, hypocrisies and double-standards of the old Left and their replacement by a set of entirely new ones.

Established a movement in favour of democracy, human rights and freedom, and against moral equivalence, the meaning of such terms being defined entirely by the authors and subject to alteration at any time, without prior notification.

The Manifesto specifically stands against racism (i.e. anti-semitism), anti-Americanism (i.e. criticism of the Republicans), terrorism (as defined by the authors) and advocates a new internationalism (see also, bombing).

It stands for free speech and the free exchange of ideas, and also condemns torture and extraordinary rendition by Us as a departure from universal principles.

No attempts to understand Them are permitted, and any deviation from this rule will be met with instantaneous expulsion from the Party.

Additionally, any Decent caught picking over the rubble of Iraq will be harshly dealt with.

See also Nick Cohen, Alan Johnson, Norman Geras

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