Monday, 20 August 2007

Moral Courage

Mystical Voodoo Power

Maw-Rull Cuh-Ridj

1. Selfless, heroic commitment to supporting the dominant political consensus of the ruling elites of the world's most powerful nations.

2. Selfless, heroic advocation of sending other people to liberate dictatorships, while pouring bile and venom over appeasers and pro-fascists.

3. Selfless, heroic commitment to offending one's intellectual constituency using obscure adjectives such as "lugubrious" and "semi-envious".

"Mr. Hitchens' decision to defend the foreign-policy aims of the Republican Party on FOX News was a tremendous act of moral courage."


Philip said...

If displayed on Fox News, I believe the pronunciation is morrl currge.

Malky Muscular said...

Yes, well, you would say that, wouldn't you, you anti-American fascist spiv.

Philip said...

Well, yes, I would; but only to provoke, you understand.