Sunday, 17 January 2010


Mental Disorder Afflicting Everybody Else

Debilitating condition causing the vast majority of the planet's population to believe that certain epic foreign policy clusterfucks and horrific bloodbaths may have been the product of political skullduggery rather than simple ideological idiocy.

Distortionary psychological blinkers inexplicably leading to the conclusion that Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell may have packed their case for calamitous war with dubious assertions, questionable intelligence and cut 'n' pasted bullshit because they were dishonest rather than wildly irresponsible and cretinous.

Woeful condition chiefly afflicting those liberals who preferred to leave Saddam Hussein in power by not bombing Iraq to pieces with no plans for reconstruction, governance or withdrawal, rather than invading Iraq with their fingers crossed for luck and then blaming the ensuing catastrophe on the liberals.

Sources - I'm Just Begging To Be Fired Now by Nick Cohen and I Supported This Insane Plan With Good Intentions, You Liberal Bastards by Professor Norm.


Anonymous said...

I'm very confused by a comment under Nick's article:

'Have the conspiracy theorists come up with a more convincing motive than the old "war for oil" nonsense yet? If not, I have some suggestions:
1) Saddam had just built the perfect hippy commune, and the evil forces of capitalism were determined to snuff out all knowledge of this socialist utopia before it spread.
2) Israel. They called in a favour from their western lapdogs. Why? Do they need a reason slaughter sweet little babies?
3) Political correctness gone mad. No further explanation needed.
4) Bush and Blair teamed up with Gordon Gecko and devised a devilish plan to strip Iraq of it's sand which would be sold to countries in need of artificial beaches, then leverage the cost of the war onto the Iraqi government. Need proof? Blair's spin doctor Alistair Campbell was once photographed at the beach. QED.'

By an fghj who got 50 recommends. Might I ask if fghj is your nom de plume for harrying the CIF fascist peaceniks?

flyingrodent said...

Might I ask what the hell you're talking about? FR/MM