Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Administrative Notes 1

Praise for The Encyclopedia of Decency.

"(like) Edinburgh Fringe publicity site... Only not as funny... you are dickhead of epic proportions who is to satire what Titus Bramble is to defending" - Brownie, Harry's Place Poster

"... deceitful and mendacious... you're an opportunistic, self-righteous knob." Alec MacPherson, Harry's Place

"Idiocy." - Josh Scholar, Harry's Place

"...peculiar and obsessive... deluded imbecile... talentless wastril... about as funny as Bob Hope... ridiculous." - Commenters at Drink-Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays For War.

"It's broos-KET-uh you thick cunt." - Anonymous commenter, EoD


Justin said...

Testaments from the Gods, no less.

I myself wear Damian Counsell's description of my output as 'petulant gibberish and non sequiturs' like a badge of honour.

Anonymous said...

Indeed anyone who remembers the razor sharp satire of "Dave Dudley" will be unmoved by the flabby drivel here - so unmoved that they will feel the urge to say so.

Ann On

Anonymous said...

Anything Harry's Place hates has got to be good. Result!

Malky Muscular said...

In a weird way, I regard it as praise from Caesar.

I don't know what incites such utter hostility in these cheese-eating liberal lefties.

I think it's their basic hostility to anything that doesn't fit with their Hampstead-bound, Chardonnay-swilling elitism that causes them to disparage working class socialist heroes such as myself.