Monday, 13 October 2008

Scottish National Party

Yet Another Notch Upon The Whittled Bedpost Of British Political Appeasement

Skaw-Tish Nah-Shun-Null Parr-Tay

Despicable fifth-columnists funding fascist activities, thus plunging the number of British political parties not directly involved in the promotion of terrorism and genocide to a figure that is now perilously close to "zero".

Disgusting Caledonian political organisation duplicitously exploiting misguided working class discontent with the honest, rough-hewn sons of toil in the Labour Party to sow hatred, fear and psychotic rampages of blood-curdling horror.*

Racist useful idiots whose recent electoral success north of the border is evidence of their mendacious, scheming nature and... Well, why the hell not - their incipient totalitarian ideology, probably.

Any perceived causal relationship between recent SNP electoral success and recent, Decent condemnation is entirely coincidental and any suggestion to the contrary is, in itself, fundamentally unserious.

*Disambiguation - Not to be confused with the British National Party, who are a pack of racist, thuggish fascists duplicitously exploiting entirely justified working class discontent with the chardonnay-swilling, middle class liberal elitists of the Academic/Media Complex to sow dissent, hatred and psychotic rampages of blood-curdling horror.

Source - SNP Direct Public Money to Hamas Front