Thursday, 3 December 2009



Bizarre ethnoreligious insult used by wackadoodle wingnuts to demean and disregard the opinions of non-wingnut members of the Jewish faith that this writer, for one, is not touching with a fucking bargepole.


andrew adams said...

No, you don't understand - the "Asajew" tendency want to parade their own moral superiority to other Jews and thereby give credence to the antisemitic notion that there are "good" Jews and "bad" Jews. Therefore because of this they are bad Jews.

Geary said...

Andrew Adams is right. The expressions cam about because of contributions like:

"As a Jew, I wish to express my outrage and disgust at whatever it is that the Guardian and the BBC is accusing Israel of this week ..."

As if this lent the writer some moral or intellectual insight. CiF at the Guardian has a deliberately policy of employing AsaJews to attack Israel. They believe it makes it harder to accuse it of anti-semitism.