Thursday, 15 January 2009

Universal Principles

Moral Framework

Yoo-Nih-Verr-Sull Prin-Sip-Puhls

Seemingly rigid set of intellectual beliefs based upon various human rights declarations and conventions on war which, on closer inspection, appear to contain great gaping logical canyons wide enough to pilot seven aircraft carriers, 1500 tanks, 400 artillery pieces and 200,000 soldiers through.

2. Principles with which everyone in the Universe should agree, the details of which are entirely subject to the whims of their authors and are subject to alteration at any time, without prior notification.

3. Rock-solid framework for the protection of civilians and the resolution of conflicts that would be a hell of a lot easier to grasp if it weren't for that distracting whoosh of mobile goalposts.


Anonymous said...

It was, of course, a universal principle of Peanuts that Lucy would snatch the ball away at the last moment.

Moussaka Man

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