Saturday, 13 December 2008

Administrative Notes 8

Announcement - Introducing "Decentpedia Arts"

The rise of blogging in recent years has laid bare the limitations of the traditional "dead tree" media. In today's multifaceted, super-lubricated media landscape, the mainstream press finds itself outstripped and intimately molested by the growth of newer, stupider online commentary.

Can any reader honestly deny that, on opening The Guardian, they have never thought to themselves, This newspaper needs many, many more nostalgic, colonoscopic ruminations on the history of punk rock?

Surely you have found yourself wishing that there was some outlet devoted to ponderous deconstruction of the endless Jihadist propaganda of primetime BBC dramas, and the subsequent rectal detection of racist tropes?

And who can honestly say that they have never seen a poster for a Hollywood film and thought, Boy, rather than pay to watch that, I'd far prefer to read a hysterical weblog entry accusing its director of sedition and complicity with terrorists?

If so, Decentpedia Arts is for you - a daily journal of cultural highlights viewed from a Decent perspective, vibrating and glistening in the shine-buffed abstraction of the cybermedial. It will be stuffed to the anus with fellatious reviews of the creative works of my friends and political allies, and strident condemnations of the traitorous artworks and the elitist literature of my political enemies.

Whether you're a frustrated, middle-aged white guy who is horribly embarrassed of the stupid opinions you held as a youngster, or just an old-fashioned small-minded reactionary terrified of modernity and hostile to the foreign and the novel, Decentpedia Arts will do for culture what its pusillanimous, mealy-mouthed sniping and bitter, resentment-fuelled carping have done for politics.

Upcoming articles include...

Nando's - My Deeply Authentic Proletarian Dining Odyssey

Bonekickers, Spooks And Doctor Who - The BBC Drama Department's Thirst For Murder

Question Time - Should The Left Support The Execution Of David Dimbleby?

Jon Snow - A Life In Broadcasting Fascist Lies

The Clash - How a Tenuous Connection To The Far Left Thirty Years Ago Means Joe Strummer Was a Nazi Communist

The Smiths - It Were All Trees Around Here When I Were a Lad (or, You Don't See Bands Like That These Days, It's All Just Noise Now, Isn't It)

The Berserkers Of Hollywood - Nick Cohen Can't See Any Jihadist Villains In Movies With His Head Jammed Up His Hoop

Why Free Speech Must Be Absolutely Free And Unlimited For Everyone, Except For Homophobic Jamaican Rappers, Guardian Columnists and Tedious Left Wing Bloggers, Who Should Be Imprisoned The Very Moment They Open Their Disgusting Mouths


Anonymous said...

Interesting, especially since "Spooks" is actually a particularly awful brand of pro-British State propaganda.

Witness such half-baked plot lines as "Russian Communist disguises himself as oily City of London banker in order to bring down the entire Western financial system", for example.

flyingrodent said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's hats off to uber-Decent TV critic Brian Brivati, whose take on HBO/BBC miniseries House of Saddam can be summarised as -

How dare these film companies depict Saddam Hussein as being an actual, breathing human being? Plus, not enough retrospective justification for the invasion of Iraq - Decency Fail, LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually,the reason Harrys Place don't do anything on the credit crunch is because use of the code-word 'finance' indicates a conspiratorial mindset.So,why not claim that Echo and the Bunnymen represent secular, civilised values?

Chardonnay Chap said...

The really great thing about that Brivati piece is the HBO link. The front page of the minisite says, "He built an Empire on the blood on a nation." Apologia, you're doing it wrong.

I like the use of the word 'humanise' in "Here are just a few examples of the movie's attempt to humanise Saddam's personality and minimise his crimes." Because Saddam wasn't human to start with.

Nah, the reason Harry's Place don't do anything on finance is that bullshit is easier to spot when numbers are involved. Not that this helped HBOS, the Bank of England, Nicola Horlick, etc etc.